Here is some stuff I did in April 2019…

c/o pop Convention

This week to Cologne to sort out all things music licensing in one hour. Yep, we’re going to fix everything. I can say that because I’m moderating, which means I just have to ask the questions. But I’m pretty confident my panel will have it all sorted by minute 58. If you’re going to Co-Pop – see you there! Info here.

Is music saved yet?

So is music saved yet? It was great to discuss all things article thirteen (aka seventeen) and the wider Copyright Directive yesterday at the Brighton Music Conference with Lucie from the Featured Artists Coalition, John from PRS For Music and James from Reed Smith LLP. Here are my slides explaining the basics.

Edinburgh to Brighton

This is me at Wide Days earlier this month talking about why artists and songwriters sometimes don’t get paid. I’ll be at the Brighton Music Conference later today talking about why artists and songwriters sometimes don’t get paid. One day artists and songwriters will always get paid and I’ll have nothing to talk about! (Photo by Janice Honey)

Accelerators and Cultivators

I spent today with MMF and the Accelerator managers for the second and final Mechanics Of Music Management day. And now to Cornwall for the third and final Music Industry Insights session with Cultivator. End of term all round!

Easter office

I have spent the afternoon trying to get on top of my Great Escape admin. Have I mentioned that we have three excellent CMU+TGE Conferences happening there this year? Though that said, in my Easter Weekend office it’s somewhat easy to get distracted by the boats that keep going by!

Ivors Academy session

We will launch the next guide in the MMF Digital Dollar series at The Great Escape next month. This one puts the spotlight on song royalties and why songwriters often miss out on their streaming royalties. Next week we are teaming up with The Ivors Academy to give a sneak preview to the songwriting community. Info here.

Entrepreneurial Award

I’ve spent the last two days at BIMM London hearing from business, event and journalism students about the final year projects they’ve been pursuing. The aim being to pick a winner of the annual BIMM London Entrepreneurial Award. There were some really great business ventures. Meanwhile, one of my fellow judges – Tina Hart – has already penned a LinkedIn post with some great tips based on all our feedback and deliberations. You can read it here.

Music Marketing Conference

There is one more TGE+CMU Conference to plug – this one focused on music marketing. First we’ll speed through the entire music marketing toolkit – does press still matter, who is still listening to radio, what about podcasts, what about influencers, are playlists peaking? Then we’ll talk strategy – how do you deal with campaigns getting longer and how can you ensure all the artist’s business partners work as one? Get yourself some info here.

Digital Dollars Conference

Another Great Escape plug? Yes, that’s right, another Great Escape plug! We are presenting three TGE+CMU conferences this year. On Thursday 9 May we will put the spotlight on the streaming business and how artists and songwriters get paid… occasionally… on a good day… when the stars align. We’ll also discuss how you might make the stars align more often. Intro.

Music Education Conference

The Great Escape is now somehow just a month away. We are presenting three TGE+CMU conferences this year, the first one on Wednesday 8 May puts the spotlight back on music education. If you’re in music education, or are a music employer, or have a talent development role, or are interested in how the industry can better support the next generation of artists, executives and entrepreneurs, this is for you! I wrote a little intro here.

Chilly Gonzales at TGE

If you followed me on Twitter back when used to tweet out weekly listening stats (and if you have a very good memory) you might appreciate how exciting it is for me to be chatting to Chilly Gonzales about his brilliant Gonzervatory project as part of our music education conference at The Great Escape Festival next month. Latest updates to our programme here.

More Setlist

This week’s Setlist actually has some music in it – complete with a copyright law get-out as to why we’re allowed to do that without any licence. Plus how to invest in a dying medium via a company in bankruptcy and me falling UP some stairs! Tune in.

Wide Days 2019

This time next week I’ll be Edinburgh for the marvellous Wide Days talking about why artists don’t get paid and the future of music publishing. Sam from CMU will be leading sessions on fanbase building and the blockchain. Get some info here.

IFPI’s big stats pack

So yesterday the IFPI confirmed that the global record industry enjoyed a fourth consecutive year of growth in 2018 with revenues up 9.7% to $19.1 billion. Cue lots of positivity and optimism. Hurrah! But for those of us writing about it all, that’s no fun at all is it! Here is me making the best of it.

MMF webinars

We are currently running the MMF Mechanics Of Music Management courses as a series of webinars. Tonight, all the key info you need about music copyright in just two hours. That’s right, all of it! Check out the info here.

Fan Data slides

For anyone who heard my session at Music Norway’s Eksportdagen on Friday – you can download my slides on the MMF Fan Data guide here. Even if you didn’t, you can download the full guide for free from that link too. Get on top of your artist’s data!