Here is some stuff I did in April 2020…

AIM House

Thanks so much to AIM for inviting us to host a room at the virtual AIM House conference on 15 May. In normal times that would be TGE week and we’d be presenting our CMU+TGE conferences in the Jurys Inn on Brighton’s waterfront, with AIM House in operation at The Queens next door. That can’t happen this year of course, but with AIM constructing its House online, we can still share some of our CMU insights with you all by taking over one of their virtual rooms. Info here.

More webinars

I’ve not being doing many social posts this month, which you might think is because nothing much is going on during lockdown. Actually, it’s sort of the opposite. There doesn’t seem to have been any spare time for social nonsense. Busy busy! Not least because of CMU’s Lockdown Webinars – never has my training be so simultaneously global! And we’ve just announced another three sessions covering sync, streaming challenges and fan data. Info here if you are interested.

Copyight jargon

I picked my ten favourite bits of copyright jargon because – yes – I have ten favourite bits of copyright jargon, what of it? Then I wrote one of our CMU Trends guides that provides background and context to each term. Read it here. Premium subscribers can download all our CMU Trends guides for free – there’s info on that here.

Lockdown Webinars

Today we announced a series of CMU Lockdown Webinars covering topics like music copyright, music marketing, streaming, record deals and more. Tune in from whichever corner of home has been reclassified as your office (kitchen? lounge? garage? shed? wardrobe? that bit of corridor where your wifi is strongest?) and get to grips with the inner workings of and latest developments in the music industry. Info here.

CMU Trends

We are publishing a new CMU Trends guide more or less weekly at the moment, each one explaining the ins and outs of a different aspect of the music business. This week’s guide reviews the campaign to regulate online ticket touting. Others cover music rights, sync licensing, press releases and the music marketing toolkit. Next week: copyright jargon. You can download them all for free if you are a premium CMU subscriber. Info here.

COVID-19 lawsuits

Last week I mused to myself that there’d surely be a flurry of COVID-19 related lawsuits for us to report on over in the pop courts once the coronavirus crisis was over. How wrong was I! Why wait until the crisis is over? And so here we go – two lawsuits filed already. Here is our CMU report on the lawsuit over Paradigm’s COVID-19 redundancies.  And here is our CMU report on the lawsuit over StubHub’s COVID-19 refunds policy.

Fringe cancelled

Can’t quite believe that – for the first time since 1994 – my entire year won’t be structured around those three weeks in August. Thoughts today for all the performers, producers, venues and festival teams who had already worked so hard for this year’s Edinburgh festivities. Maybe some Fringe performances will be possible by August, but let’s all re-group en masse in 2021. Meanwhile, I’m going to relive some of those Fringes of old!