Here is some stuff I did in April 2021…

Bjorn Ulvaeus at TGE

The schedules are now live for this year’s Great Escape Conference, which is happening online on 13 and 14 May (although there’ll be some on-demand content to access from 10 May). Yesterday we announced the final of our keynote interviewees – the one and only Bjorn Ulvaeus – which is very exciting indeed. I’ll be talking to him about his recent report ‘Rebalancing The Song Economy’. Check the TGE website for the full lowdown on this year’s programme.

CMU+TGE panel #03

The big online edition of The Great Escape is getting very close indeed now, and we have so many great interviews, briefings and panels to share with you. We’ll be publishing the full schedule very soon, but are currently putting the spotlight on a different panel each day in the CMU Daily. Today, who are the key influencers in music in 2021, and how do you go about influencing those influencers? Find out more about this panel here.

CMU+TGE panel #02

As you know, pretty much every problem in the music rights industry begins with shoddy copyright data. OK, maybe not every problem. 63% of the problems. So I’ve gathered together a top team of leading experts for The Great Escape to fix all things copyright data in one hour. Well, they’ll give you insider insights and practical tips on how to make sure you are getting rights data right – and in doing so, get some music-makers paid. Find out more about this CMU+TGE panel here.

CMU+TGE panel #01

The online edition of The Great Escape is now less than a month away and we are putting the spotlight on a different CMU+TGE panel each day. Today a session as part of our Future Music Talent strand looking at a great Youth Music-funded project organised by the Young Guns Network, AWAL and Small Green Shoots which is enabling five aspiring music marketeers to learn by doing with paid roles working on an artist campaign. Meet some of the people involved in the programme at TGE! Info here.

Harbour things

This is my favourite actual harbour. Right, can I now talk about the copyright SAFE harbour? Good. Following the recent white paper we published on the safe harbour as part of the Friend MTS ‘Building Trust’ series, I wrote a blog post this week on the ongoing reform of the principle in Europe, which you can access here. And if you’ve no idea what the copyright safe harbour is, well, we have a webinar coming up on Tuesday that can fix that! Info here.

Berklee panel today

Looking forward to taking part in this discussion later today which will review the impact of the COVID pandemic on the music business and the music community, and how music-makers and the music industry have adapted their approaches over the last year. It’s the third in three panels from Berklee looking at this topic from a global perspective – kicking off at 7pm UK time. More info.

TGE Latest

With a month to go we’ve announced a bunch more about this year’s TGE Conference, taking place online on 13 and 14 May. You’ll have access to a load of fact-packed webinars, plus plenty on in conversation interviews and lots of lively panel debates. Along the way: what fanbase building actually involves in 2021, getting people paid with data, and the ins and outs of “cancel culture”. Plus just added to our in conversations programme: TikTok’s Ole Obermann, BBC’s Lorna Clarke, and Ghostpoet. Check out this update on it all here.

Satan’s shoes, not Nike’s

I should plug the podcast right? I keep forgetting to plug the podcast. We do a podcast, you know that right? This week it’s all about the rather fun legal skirmish between Nike and an art collective called MSCHF over Lil Nas X’s Satan Shoes. Nike wants you to know it didn’t endorse Satan’s shoes. MSCHF wants you to know Nike didn’t endorse Satan’s shoes. Lil Nas X wants you to stream his new record. Everyone’s a winner! Tune in!

Explaining Music Copyright

Happy Easter! With no Easter Weekend country-side trips to post about this year, I thought I’d just go with another plug for our ‘Music Copyright Explained’ panels instead. Number three on Thursday is with Shao Dow, Shauni Caballero and Phil Nelson. Get all the info and such like here.

Making use of music

I may have already plugged the ‘Music Copyright Explained’ panels we are presenting, but not this one specifically! Our Wednesday panel is all about making use of music as a creator or a business, with insights galore courtesy of Raffaella De Santis from Harbottle & Lewis, Sophie Goossens from Reed Smith, and Becky Brook. Info and free tickets here.

Music copyright in 2021

I love chatting about music copyright, you all know that. So needless to say, I’m looking forward to this panel on Tuesday talking all things music copyright in 2021 with Roxanne de Bastion from FAC, Lucie Caswell from the Music Publishers Association, Naomi Pohl from the Musicians’ Union, and Simon Pursehouse from Sentric Music. Find out more about the ‘Music Copyright Explained’ panels here.

Music copyright panels!

Following on from the launch of our ‘Music Copyright Explained’ guide with the IPO, next week we are presenting three free online panel discussions delving into music copyright matters, from the perspective of music-makers, music users and music educators. We’ve got some great people joining us for the conversation, so why not tune in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 5pm? Get all the info you need here.