Here is some stuff I did in April 2023…

Thank you Sound City

Had a great time in Liverpool yesterday at Sound City. I think it’s fair to say that other music event happening in Liverpool very soon is already taking over the city centre. Thanks to AIM for inviting me to take part in a very interesting conversation at the Sound City Conference all about how to access reliable and trustworthy information about the music industry. I’ve now popped into Cheshire for a few days, which is nice.

I’m in Liverpool!

Hello Liverpool, it’s been a while. And hello Liverpool Sound City, it’s been a good long while. I can actually see one of the things in this picture from my hotel room. Kind of surprised it hasn’t been rebranded the Greatest Hits Radio Tower yet. Anyway, looking forward to joining the conversation at the Sound City Conference with AIM tomorrow!

SPOT incoming

Next month – on 6 May – I will be celebrating the crowning of our brand new king by explaining how music streaming works and joining a conversation about alternative models for sharing out digital royalties – like any true monarchist would! If you’re heading to SPOT in Aarhus, why not come and join us? Union flags are optional. Here is a little more info about the two SPOT+ sessions I am doing this year.

AI chat on Setlist

I assume somewhere there is an AI monitoring how often this image gets used to illustrate music-making AI stories. Anyway, on this week’s Setlist we discuss the recent generative AI chatter in the music industry prompted by those fake Drake tracks – plus the good old Cassette (not really that much of a) Revival. You can access it here.

CMU digested

While waiting for that emergency alert (which is yet to arrive, so good job not an actual emergency) I wrote a CMU Digest. What’s in it? Well, Spotify boss Daniel Ek heading to Washington in his ongoing battle against Apple’s App Store rules, Universal Music again calling for streaming service support over AI-created tracks as fake Drake goes viral, plus SM Entertainment, Dr Luke v Kesha, and BMG. Read this week’s digest here.

EEMA session

It was great to lead the first session on the Spring 2023 Eastern European Music Academy programme earlier today – and I’m looking forwarding to seeing all the participants again on Thursday to discuss and learn more about their experiences and markets. Thank you for having me!

Wide Days talk

Last week at Wide Days I summarised the key music business developments of the last year in just fifteen minutes. OK, it was slightly over fifteen minutes. Sixteen. Maybe nearly seventeen. But still, we covered a lot of ground. You can watch it back on the Wide Days YouTube channel here.

Water & Music

Looking forward to discussing the fundamentals of music copyright with Water & Music members next week. “It’s all about giving creative people control over the outputs of their creativity”, I will almost certainly say. “There are two sets of music copyright”, I will probably add. And then, let’s see where we go after that.

Setlist returns

Setlist is back – and with guests! Recorded at last week’s Wide Days, I talk live challenges, streaming models and the AI debates with Toni Malyn from EmuBands, Clara Cullen from Music Venue Trust and Silvia Montello from AIM. Many thanks to my brilliant panel. We’ll be back to normal with Setlist from next week, with Andy and I dissecting the week’s biggest music business news stories. You should all definitely subscribe. Meanwhile, this week’s edition.

I’m in Oslo!

I decided Edinburgh just wasn’t north enough, so have popped over to Oslo. Currently a mere train ride away from the city centre. Looking forward to meeting the latest participants on Music Norway’s EX.TRA programme tomorrow. Last time I was here I accidentally got locked in a basement after pressing the wrong button in a lift. So this time I will make sure to remember I’m in a country where the first floor is the ground floor!

Thank you Wide Days

Still in sunny Edinburgh and enjoying the view from my breakfast table. Particularly good for fans of Lothian Buses. Really enjoyed this year’s Wide Days – and thanks to everyone who came to my talks and/or our Setlist recording. You can access the slides I presented this time here.

I’m in Edinburgh!

So I’m in that other city with a big old castle slap bang in the middle of everything. If you are at Wide Days tomorrow, I am going to squeeze a year’s worth of music business news and developments into just fifteen minutes at 1.45pm, with a little doom and gloom, but also some upbeat stats and a healthy helping of optimism. I think. Hope to see you there!

Ely Cathedral

I think it’s fair to say they got rather carried away when they built Ely Cathedral. It can definitely accommodate a lot of worshipping under its magnificent roof. And it has a whole spare church stuck on the side, just in case it ever gets full and another coach load of worshippers show up. Anyway, after a brief Easter break in the shires I’m on my way back to London – only one Rail Replacement Bus Service required.

CMU digested

It’s the music business week digested – Spotify confirms it’s axing its live audio app, Own Our Venues scheme moves onto venue-buying phase, industry welcomes youtube-dl and ticket tout Google ad rulings, and Rock Sound gets a new owner. Read this week’s CMU Digest here.

Ely bound

I am on my way to Ely – and with no music conference to attend there! – I do occasionally go to places where no one wants me to chat about music, copyright or streaming. Though talking of music conferences, yesterday we announced a bunch more stuff about this year’s conference at The Great Escape including the return of our brilliant professional development programme Elevate. There’s an update on that update here.

Wide Days 2023

Next week I’ll be summarising all the important developments in the music business from the last twelve months in – wait for it – just fifteen minutes! What could possibly go wrong with that? This is all happening at Wide Days. I’ll also be discussing the five streaming priorities recently set out by the Council Of Music Makers and recording a live edition of Setlist. And – of course – taking in lots of other great panels and some bands. See you in Edinburgh!

CMU digested

It’s the music business week digested – Warner Music announces it’s downsizing its global workforce by 4%, Believe buys Sentric off Utopia, BMI welcomes new rate court ruling on live royalties, Kakao confirms it now has a controlling stake in SM, and Apple launches its classical music app. Read this week’s CMU Digest here.

Lovely Ljubljana

Great few days in lovely Ljubljana at the magnificent MENT. Super useful insights, lots of great conversations, a fun speed briefing, and a rather fine steak lunch at that restaurant just across the river there. I think my next trip is to Wide Days, in another city with a big old castle on a hill slap bang in the middle of everything. Albeit a city I’m slightly more familiar with.