A TGE update

Published on Sunday 12 November 2023

It’s TGE First Fifty this week, which is always exciting, with line-up news and other announcements about this year’s Great Escape incoming. It’s probably also a good time to let everyone know that we’ve retired from putting together the TGE Conference.

After delivering twelve successful editions – not to mention four years of the Elevate professional development programme – we decided it was time to let someone else take on the challenge. Not least because we’re focusing a lot of energy on our all-new CMU Pro offering, which will continue the high level industry defining conversations we programmed at TGE over the years.

We’ll also continue to dissect the music business with CMU sessions at conferences around the world – even more so – and we’ve got some exciting events of our own in the pipeline as part of CMU Pro. Meanwhile, of course, The Great Escape will remain one of our very favourite showcase festivals.

Thanks to everyone who took part in and attended our TGE Conference sessions over those twelve years – and to the TGE teams past and present.