Here is some stuff I did in August 2019…

September sessions

After a month without any seminars to teach, workshops to run or panels to moderate, September – being the back-to-school month – is looking rather busy. There’s Podcast Maker Weekend, CMU seminars, Reeperbahn, IMRO/MMF and MU seminars, Pivotal, and FAC’s A:E Day. Cue a logo frenzy! Info here if you are interested.

More Setlist fun times

So we made another Setlist! This one is all about the big Eminem v Spotify case. Well, not all about that. There’s also Tidal suing Norway and Universal dissing the artists suing it over the big 2008 warehouse fire. Oh, and some champion plugging. Tune in here.

London Podcast Festival

Next month the London Podcast Festival takes over Kings Place. It includes a whole weekend of practical sessions for podcasters on 14 and 15 Sep. I’m taking part in the one on music and podcasting, looking at the ins and outs of putting music into podcasts… legally. Yeah, it’s tricky! Info here.

Editors’ Awards 2019

I’ve had a great couple of days in Edinburgh catching up with (nearly) EVERYONE. Though really I was back in town to present our ThreeWeeks Editors’ Awards for 2019 to the ten shows, performers and projects which we – the ThreeWeeks editors – reckon made this year’s Edinburgh Festival extra special. Well done to all the winners! Read up on them all here.

Eminem v Spotify

A superstar artist, a market-leading streaming platform, multi-million dollar damages and the claim that last year’s widely supported reforms of American copyright law were unconstitutional – that sounds like a fun lawsuit! Here is my short essay from today’s CMU Daily on the new Eminem v Spotify litigation.

Chris Meets 2019

In among the usual busy-ness, I managed to squeeze in six Chris Meets interviews for ThreeWeeks this festival, covering comedy, theatre, musicals and even a venue (it’s Kate Lucas in the picture). They are all still performing as the Fringe reaches its finale this weekend. If you’re interested, you can check them out here.

Setlist legal battles #01

Today we published the first in a new series of special editions of Setlist which will be running through the top ten music industry lawsuits of all time. Because we love a good squabble in the pop courts here at CMU. We kick off with the biggest song-theft legal battle of recent years – the good old Blurred Lines case. Tune in here or via your podcast app of choice.

Dreaded third Sunday

It’s the third Sunday of the Edinburgh Fringe. As always, can’t quite work out how it came round so quickly, but at the same time it feels like we’ve been in Fringe mode for months! Earlier today we published a guest column by former ThreeWeeks Editors’ Award winner Eric in which he looks back to his first Fringe as a performer and the ‘dreaded third Sunday’. It’s a great read.

A few times each month a 123reg invoice pops into my inbox and I’m reminded about all the pointless domain names I’ve registered over the years and never got around to cancelling. It’s fun trying to remember what it was I was planning on doing with each of them. But at least, during August, I do have some Edinburgh Fringe (dot) Reviews to share. So, check them out at

Review Edition is out!

Depending on how you do the maths, I guess this is the half way point of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Though we’re mid-way through the Edinburgh Fringe, which is hardly the time to be trying out some maths. Anyway, what I mean to say is, the Review Edition of ThreeWeeks is now available to pick up at loads of Festival venues. And with a maths show on the cover! Info here.

Catch-up Setlist

After going on a short mini-break, Setlist is back. It’s a catch up edition with chatter on Tencent’s interest in Universal, TikTok taking ICE to copyright tribunal and that big Katy Perry song-theft case. You should tune in via whichever podcast listening tool you least dislike. Or here – you could always listen here.

Tom Machell Q&A

Caro having somehow interviewed 22 people so far this Edinburgh Festival, I thought I better get around to doing my third Q&A. So I set about questioning Tom Machell of ThreeWeeks Editors’ Award winning comedy group zazU about his very interesting new theatre piece ‘Ticker’. You can read what he said here.

CMU House at Pivotal

I mentioned the CMU sessions at Pivotal earlier in the week. The full CMU House schedule is now live. I’ll be doing a speed briefing on all things data. Sam will be running some workshops on what to do with all that data. And Phil will be discussing our Pathways Into Music mapping work. Here is some more info about it all.

5/5 Edinburgh

Every year when I am explaining that August is a busy month for UnLimited Media because we have a magazine that covers the Edinburgh Festival, people always respond by saying “oh, interesting, so what are the best shows this year?” Then my mind goes blank and I can’t remember the name of any productions whatsoever! So, for the record, here are the shows most highly recommended by the ThreeWeeks team this year.

Reeperbahn sessions

More upcoming conference sessions to plug! I’m also heading to Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg next month. Among other things, we’ll be presenting a session on the MMF Song Royalties Guide and I’ll be moderating a panel on rights data. Basically, it’s all about getting songwriters paid this year! Here is some info.

Pivotal speed briefing

CMU is presenting a whole day of sessions at Pivotal in Birmingham next month in the snappily named CMU House. We are announcing more details about those sessions this week, including this one – I’ll be running through the MMF Fan Data Guide in exactly 30 minutes via a CMU Insights speed briefing. More info here.

Back to Bedlam

So I am in Edinburgh for Meet The Media – what I like to call Meet The Performers. Having a pre-meet coffee in the place where ThreeWeeks was conceived. Well, it was mainly conceived in a flat in Marchmont, but it was while helping run this place at Fringe 1995 that the idea first came about. It’s great to see Bedlam Fringe continue to prosper!

With an inter-cap W

Yesterday Glasgow, talking music rights and digital dollars with the very fine team at EmuBands. Today Edinburgh, mainly to hand out bonus points to those show posters which – like this one – remember that ThreeWeeks is one word with an inter-cap W. Inter-caps were all the rage in 1996. All the cool brands had an InterCap back then.