Here is some stuff I did in August 2021…

Industry Takeover All Dayer

Look at this – an actual real world event in an actual real world room with actual real world people! And no low-level fear that the internet’s about to go down or the builders next door are about to start drilling. I’m always excited about the Industry Takeover All Dayer, but this one even more so! Info here.

Caro meets…

Our ThreeWeeks coverage of the streamlined Edinburgh Festival has been a little, well, streamlined this year, but Caro has still interviewed a bunch of really interesting people who are performing and presenting shows – some in-person shows in Edinburgh and some available online. You can check out all of our Edinburgh 2021 interviews here.

Streaming inquiry webinar

If you still haven’t got round to reading the DCMS select committee’s streaming report / have no intention of reading the DCMS select committee’s streaming report / have read it but still don’t really understand what the hell’s going on [delete as applicable], we’ll run you through everything you need to know at this free webinar from MMF, FAC and CMU taking place next month. Info here.

Edinburgh Festival 2021

So, an albeit streamlined Edinburgh Festival is now underway, with the Fringe officially kicking off earlier today. And while I probably won’t make it to the festival city myself this time, the good news is there are plenty of online shows to choose from as well this year. ThreeWeeks – of course – will be covering all the good stuff that is going on, both the in-person shows in Edinburgh and the online activity. Check out all our coverage here.