I regularly work as a consultant providing advice, insight and expertise about the content, culture, communication and music businesses, most commonly via the CMU consultancy unit.

I am a leading expert on music rights and the music business, and help music companies large and small – and brands and start-ups seeking to work with music – to navigate all the complexities of the music industry, and to understand all the very latest trends in the business of music.

Specific areas of expertise include: music rights, music revenues, music licensing, music data, the digital market, digital licensing, brand partnerships, artist deals, fan engagement, music and social media, and direct-to-fan.

I have also been closely monitoring the content, culture and communication sectors for more than 20 years, and help people and companies stay on top of all the latest trends in those industries.

I can also advise on content and communication strategies, and help businesses identify and communicate their key messages.

And I also advise and educate people and companies on the wider principles of copyright, and on the legal and ethical responsiblities of digital platforms regarding copyright infringement and harmful content.

My consultancy work includes ground-breaking and widely acclaimed research work, as well as writing and producing reports, developing and delivering training programmes, curating and hosting conferences and events, and providing one-on-one industry intelligence.

To discuss possible consulting projects or simply how I can support your business drop me an email to