Here is some stuff I did in December 2022…

On-the-ground reporting

After receiving the BPI’s press release about where in the UK the British album chart toppers of 2022 come from, I thought I’d head straight to the hometown of the artist who spent the most time at the top of that chart this year – on-the-ground reporting and all that. OK, maybe I was already there. And technically I think the hometown of Harry Styles (and some non-album chart toppers too) still insists on calling itself a ‘village’. Anyway, now on my way back to London! My BPI regional chart trivia report is here.

Merry Christmas

First time ringing church bells in three years. More or less remembered how it works. They kept it nice and simple for me, so my arms aren’t aching. Well, not yet. So, that’s a little Christmas miracle. Merry Christmas one and all!

CMU Playlists Of 2022

In amongst all the litigation, copyright reforms, streaming stats and people being endlessly THRILLED, we also report on lots of great new music in the CMU Daily. With the year almost done, Andy has put together three playlists featuring some of our favourite artists, albums and tracks of 2023. You can access them all via this link here.

CMU Review Of 2022

With the Christmas break somehow upon us once again, we’ve done a big old CMU review of the music business year, summarising ten key trends and developments from the last twelve months. If you don’t like reading, we talk through five of them on the latest edition of Setlist, explaining each development in just five minutes. But hey, let’s not forget reading, that can be fun too! I mean, you’re reading this, and that’s fun, right? Access it all here.

Digital Path To Market

Looking forward to delivering this Digital Path To Market webinar next week. I’ll be talking about all things music distribution – running through the different kinds of distributors artists and labels can work with, and the different services and support those companies might offer, and explaining how artists and labels can find and choose the best distribution partner for their releases or roster. Info here.

Back in 2016…

Needless to say, I have no opinion at all on England exiting the men’s football world cup. Although, somewhat randomly, my personalised ‘2016 on Facebook’ recap video appeared back in my feed earlier today. And that is the only year where I posted anything to social media in anyway linked to football. Presumably Rio Ferdinand would be the first to note that I was right.

TGE keynotes

Can’t wait for next May when we’ll be in conversation at The Great Escape with all four of these brilliant people: YolanDa Brown (music-maker, broadcaster, BPI Chair + Youth Music Chair); Michelle Escoffery (music-maker + PRS Members’ Council President); Smade (promoter + Afro Nation co-founder); and David Marcus (Ticketmaster EVP Of Global Music). Get all your TGE Conference info and buy your delegate passes here.

CMM thanks

Thank you to the Council Of Music Makers for inviting me to provide a festive update on the Economics Of Streaming Debate ahead of their Christmas party yesterday. Actually, it wasn’t a very festive update at all. With hindsight I definitely should have included more sleigh bells. Next time! Thanks also to Jonathan Stewart for the photo.