Here is some stuff I did in February 2020…

TGE 2020 news!

This year’s CMU+TGE conferences are focused on education, media and global markets. Today we’ve published more info about the specific topics we’ll cover – including teaching creative entrepreneurship, the podcast business, TV sync trends and taking artists global – plus we’ve announced our first batch of magnificent speakers. It all happens from Wednesday 13 to Saturday 16 May. Here is some info.

Latest Setlist specials

With all my recent travels there hasn’t been time to record any timely podcasts, so the Setlist specials have been speeding out. We are now past half way with our Top Ten Legal Battles, having recently added the Kraftwerk sample case, Morrissey v NME and – this week – the record industry v the file-sharers. You can check them all out on the CMU website here.

I’m in Berlin!

Yesterday’s copyright chatter was in Berlin. Thanks to ICE for inviting me to take part in their ICE Talks event – it was a really interesting conversation! Next week’s copyright chatter is in London. Yes, London! County Hall, London no less. Assuming Priti Patel doesn’t decide I need a Tier 38 visa to travel from Leytonstone into Zone One.

Russian education

I enjoyed being a neighbour of the Bolshoi Theatre for a few days. Also great to meet so many musicians, managers and other music-makers in Moscow and to learn about how the music business works here in Russia. I also discovered that we’ve been pronouncing vKontakte wrong all these years. So, educational all round really!

BRIT reports

We have a long and proud tradition at CMU of publishing nonsense write-ups of the BRITs. Then in 2018 Andy actually watched the damn thing and did a proper report. So we now have a policy that Andy has to take BRITs week off. And thus another helping a rambling nonsense is assured. Like our report on BRITs 2015. And BRITs 2014.

Remote training

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, tonight I was able to deliver a CMU seminar from my hotel room in Moscow! There was a 90 second technical wobble in the middle during which I started drafting an angry “useless modern technology” post. But then the technology recovered and all was fine. Wonderful modern technology!

I’m in Moscow!

So this is exciting – this weekend I’m at the Moscow Music School with the British Council’s Selector Pro programme talking all things digital music market with members of the local music community. I’ve had the guided tour of the school – about to get going with the talking.

Pathways Into Music

We’ve been very busy of late mapping music careers, music education and local music industries as part of a project we call Pathways Into Music. Today we published the first of a series of guides based on that work and unveiled a whole load more at the Output conference in Belfast. We’ll be delving even deeper at The Great Escape in May. You can download the guide here.

Output 2020

I’m in Belfast tomorrow for the Output conference. We’re hosting three sessions in total this year. We have a presentation and panel updating everyone on our Pathways Into Music work that is mapping music careers and local music industries, starting in Northern Ireland. Plus I’ll be joining AIM’s Paul Pacifico to talk all about our ‘Distribution Revolution’ report. Here is some info. 

German pies

My journey home yesterday included a short stop off in Munich. Where – I discovered – the apple-based desserts being served in the airport are annoyingly pie shaped. Only listeners to Setlist will understand why this is annoying. Where’s the strudel? Anyone would think that strudel was technically Austrian!

Castle shows

I think every showcase festival should have an actual castle as a venue. The ornate chapel made for a particularly great performance space. Thanks to Team MENT for inviting me to Ljubljana, it’s been great to learn more about the music industry in Slovenia and its neighbouring countries, and then to see some local artists performing in an actual castle!

I’m at MENT

I’m in super sunny Ljubljana for the rather marvellous MENT festival and conference. This morning I speedily briefed everyone on how the streaming business works worldwide. Now looking forward to sitting in on some panels this afternoon and learning more about the record industry and the music media in this part of the world.

Edinburgh trip #1

My first Edinburgh trip of the year is now confirmed! We’ll be back at Wide Days once again this April presenting three sessions on distribution, data and video. They’ve also announced some other panels and new strands for 2020, including a Podcast Lounge. Here’s a little update from today’s CMU Daily.

Fully connected

Had a great time at AIM Connected today. Lots of people caught up with (officially “networking”, actually “gossiping”). I also delivered the speediest of speed briefings on the ‘Distribution Revolution’ report we published with AIM last year. Don’t forget, you can download your free copy of that report from the AIM website in return for one single email address. Info and links here.