Here is some stuff I did in February 2021…

TGE Online 2021

So, unfortunately, I won’t be able to get up on stage and partake in any music business chatter in Brighton itself this May. But, here’s the good news, we are presenting an online version of The Great Escape this year, with a packed programme of great new bands and online conference goodness, before our big real-world seaside return in 2022. More info incoming soon – but here are some basics.

A year ago…

This time last year I was on a BA flight heading back to Heathrow after a week of music copyright chatter in Moscow and Berlin, what turned out to be my last trips pre-COVID. After a year with no travel, I’m even missing British Airways’ God-awful safety video. No, not really. It hasn’t got that bad. But still, real world copyright chatter quite soon would be nice.

Spot the difference

So I got eight whole days out of my latest digital licensing diagram before it needed an update! See if you can spot the difference and work out who ruined it. And for all the people who suggested other logos and boxes that should be on here, yeah, you’re probably right! But I need a bigger diagram.

Marketing power

Independent record labels remain crucial marketing partners for the artists they sign and work with, but the way a label delivers value has changed and is changing – with that label’s data and networks playing an increasingly important role, of course. How do I know this? Because we just published a new One Step Ahead report with IMPALA and it says so. IMPALA members can download the report right now and sign up for a free webinar on it taking place this Thursday. Info here.

Streaming inquiry top tens

If you’re finding Parliament’s streaming inquiry a bit confusing, we’ve broken it all down into the ten key issues that are being discussed. Check that out here. And also listen to our ‘Ten Things People Get Wrong About Streaming’ podcasts from last year. Next, I might write the ‘Ten Things People Got Wrong During Parliament’s Streaming Inquiry’.

Logo hell

OK, could all the companies on this chart agree to not rebrand or be acquired for at least a year? I’ve updated my slides now ahead of my digital dollar session at Selector PRO on Friday and I don’t want to have to be updating them again anytime soon. Who can sign off on that? Meanwhile, Selector PRO info.

Snowy views

I have a nice snowy view outside my window in Leytonstone today. Though I still prefer the snowy view I had on this day exactly one year ago. I think that was the flight that was so short, for refreshments they just handed you a KitKat as you boarded the plane. And it’s that kind of luxury I’ve missed most since COVID began.

Selector PRO

While all digital dollar talk must still take place from my desk in Leytonstone for a little bit longer (weeks? months? years?), it’s still exciting to be part of the Selector PRO International Music Industry Forum being organised by the British Council in Ukraine later this month. Among other things I’ll be running a workshop on all things streaming. Info here.