Here is some stuff I did in February 2022…

Digested CMU

Here is this week’s music business week digested – with Live Nation being all upbeat around its latest financials, yet another Utopia acquisition, the Jimi Hendrix Experience rights dispute heating up, an Astroworld litigation “gagging order” and Megan Thee Stallion returning to court in her ongoing label disputes – read the CMU Digest here.

A:E Day Algeria

Today we are teaming up with the British Council to present an online edition of the FAC+CMU A:E Day for the music community in Algeria, which is rather exciting. It’s also the first bilingual Zoom event I’ve been involved in, which means you can hear my copyright, streaming and fanbase building chatter in French (though via an interpreter, obviously). Info.

Don’t be confused!

Our next series of CMU webinars is all about the digital music market and digital licensing. If you’ve found aspects of the whole economics of streaming debate a bit confusing, the good news is, it is confusing, so you were right to be confused. The bad news is, it is confusing, which makes it harder to understand the various issues and assess the proposed solutions. But tune into these webinars and we’ll unconfuse the confusement. But without making up any words. Promise. Because that would just be confusing. Anyway, info here.

No Setlist!

Both Andy and I usually record the Setlist podcast each Friday lunchtime in rooms directly under the roofs of our respective homes which, on Friday just gone, meant there was too much whistling wind and far too many rattling roof tiles in close proximity of our microphones to record any music business chatter. Which is the long winded way of saying, there’s no Setlist this week. But those non-timely special editions are still there in the archive if you’re missing the chatter. One day we’ll actually finish the Top Ten Legal battles series! Check the specials here.

Digested CMU

It’s the music business week digested, because that seems like a Sunday thing to do – the US government’s latest list of notorious piracy sites, the festival sector’s “perfect storm”, the CMA’s AWAL investigation, Warner Music’s termination rights case ends, the Lil Peep negligence case proceeds – check this week’s CMU Digest.

CMU+TGE 2022

The word on the street (well, in my inbox) is that TGE delegate passes at the early bird rate will run out very soon. We have an action-packed conference planned this year – with the first 20 speakers appearing in our MUSIC+DATA and MUSIC+VIDEO strands unveiled last week and so much more still to be announced. Not to mention all the brilliant artists and bands playing on the festival side. Check out the update on those first 20 speakers here.

Digested CMU

It’s the music business week digested, because it was raining so there wasn’t anything else to do – pressure continues to build on Spotify, files published in Lil Peep negligence case, comedians v Pandora (let’s sue!), The Experience v Hendrix (let’s sue!), GMR v the radio stations (let’s settle!) – check this week’s CMU Digest.

Comedians v Pandora

Now that comedians are hitting out at Spotify et al – and are going legal over digital rights and royalties – maybe I should write Comedy Copyright Explained? And then turn it into a Fringe show? OK, maybe not. Anyway, here is our CMU report on some comedians suing Pandora over unlicensed jokes.

Digested CMU

It’s the music business week digested, because that seemed like a fun thing to do – Spotify’s Joe Rogan controversy continues to build, Warner does good by unrecouped heritage artists, the HitPiece furore, Lil Yachty v Opulous is on, Lady A v Lady A is off – check this week’s CMU Digest.

Webinars incoming

The first series of live CMU webinars for 2022 kicks off next week – it’s Music Business Trends and I can exclusively reveal that these are among some of the numbers that will feature! So if you’re fan of percentages, you’re going to love these webinars. Fingers crossed, I’ll even explain what they relate to. First session is on Tuesday at 2.30pm – info:

All about the “new”

Our mailing platform randomly changed every mention of the word “new” in today’s CMU Daily into the broken hyperlink “https://new”. Still not sure why (said platform has promised an ‘expert’ is looking into it!) Either way, turns out we say “new” quite a lot in the CMU Daily. We’re all about the “new” it seems. In fact, I think we probably say “NEW” more often than the music industry PR machine says “THRILLED”. So now we know. That’s today’s NEW fact.