Here is some stuff I did in July 2022…

UD ITO tomorrow

The final edition of the current series of Industry Takeover Seminars from UD and CMU:DIY takes place tomorrow at the wonderful Talent House in Stratford. Me and my guests will be putting together a practical to do list for DIY phase music-makers to help them build and grow their individual artist businesses. Check out some info here.

CMA non-investigation

The key thing you need to know here is that a study is a study, but an investigation is an investigation. Glad to have cleared that up. Here’s my report on the latest development in the still very much ongoing economics of music streaming debate within the UK music community.

User-centric Setlist again!

So Warner Music signing up to join SoundCloud’s Fan Powered Royalties party last week, what was that all about? I suspect it was just a sneaky ruse to force us to have to explain user-centric royalty processing yet again on Setlist. If so, well done, it worked! Is there anything else to take from the announcement? Well, you’ll have to tune into the podcast to find out, won’t you?

What’s that word?

So today I spent seven minutes trying to remember the word ‘velcro’. It’s quite hard to describe in a Google search when you’re desperately attempting to kickstart your faltering memory bank. It was pulling some actual velcro out of a drawer (or at least some pound shop equivalent) that did it! In case you wondered, I was trying to suggest to someone in an email that we use velcro to stick ThreeWeeks branding to our distribution stands at this year’s Edinburgh Festival.

Yeah, it’s hot today

I am working on the assumption that all will be fine providing there’s always a little bit more capacity available on the Dyson fan. Currently at seven. I reached eight yesterday. Will I need to go all the way up to ten today? Come on Dyson, you really need to make a fan that goes up to eleven.

Digested CMU

It’s the music business week digested! UK anti-piracy web-blocks are being extended to mobile internet networks, initially the BT-owned EE. That’s in the digest, plus Bang’s TikTok video legal woes, the latest Lords report on venue licensing, and some BMI and Hipgnosis news. Check the digest here.

UMG v Bang

Hey brands, you know that music-containing video you posted to TikTok that was surely covered by TikTok’s music licence? Spoiler alert – it wasn’t. This litigation story from today’s CMU Daily explains why. Thinking about it, you probably all need to get yourself some music copyright training. If only there was someone out there who did music copyright training!

Digested CMU

How do you illustrate music-making AI? With a picture of a robot playing the piano, obviously. Well, that was the Andy Malt solution to that challenge and I couldn’t come up with anything better. Why was music-making AI in the news this week? Check the latest CMU Digest for the lowdown on that. Or tune into tomorrow’s Setlist podcast. Either will do. For the CMU Digest, click here.

Un-Convention thanks

Great couple of days in Manchester for Un-Convention 2022 – and two great on-stage conversations with lots of really great panellists. Don’t worry – this particular panel was discussing the state of the music business, not the actual nation, which would have made for a very depressing hour indeed. Thanks to everyone who joined us for the discussions and big thanks to Jeff for making it all happen!

Manchester bound

Currently Manchester bound on the busiest train in the history of busy trains. Feeling somewhat nostalgic for train travel during lockdown. But it’s worth it, because I’m heading to Un-Convention to moderate two great panels – ‘The State Of The Nation’ tomorrow and ‘The Independent Live Sector’ on Friday. Info here.