Here is some stuff I did in June 2020…

Leaky pipes

Thanks to the British Council for plugging our CMU Trends ten step guide to digital licensing, which you can still download for free if you want to better understand the whole #fixstreaming debate. In a recent discussion on streaming royalties I somehow ended up talking about the ‘leaky pipe’ problem. And now I’m envisaging a video version of this guide which involves lots of water sloshing around royalty buckets, half of which ends up on the floor. Though, given the 30 degree heat here at the moment, maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to slosh some water around in the garden.

Wide Days 2020

The team from Wide Days have announced that this year’s event will now take place online from 23-25 July with panels, speed meetings, hang-out rooms and plenty of other things too. CMU Insights will be popping up in the conference programme as normal – more details about all that will be going live very soon. Meanwhile, tickets are on sale and a bursary scheme has been launched – all the info is here.

CMU Trends

I’m currently writing a series of CMU Trends guides, each one focused on a different aspect of the music industry. The aim is to get everything I know about the business of music down in writing. Then I’ll shut up, promise! Yesterday we published our ten step guide to collective licensing. Next on the list is the ten big streaming challenges and debates. If you’re a premium subscriber of CMU you can access and download all these guides for free. If you’re interested, info is here.

WeRNotVirus Q&A

Since late March our ThisWeek London site has been covering all sorts of great comedy, theatre and other culture that’s been happening online during lockdown. In this week’s Caro Meets Q&A interview she speaks to Jennifer Lim, one of the people behind ‘WeRNotVirus’, a programme of online performances this weekend examining and responding to the rise in COVID-19 related racism. Find out more about it all in the Q&A here.

Final Lockdown Webinar

Today was the final CMU Lockdown Webinar all about music rights data – ISRCs and all that. Thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of people from all over the world who have tuned in over the last seven weeks. Early on we were enhancing something on the production side pretty much every day – at one point I thought we’d eventually end up adding a song and dance routine! Fortunately not. Though we now have some exciting new things in the pipeline training wise. Maybe we’ll add a song and dance routine to one of them. Watch this space!


CMU is joining the global music community and standing as an ally for Black Out Tuesday tomorrow, 2 Jun. As a result, we are pausing all CMU operations for 24 hours. This is not a day off, it’s a day to come together, to connect and to reflect on what purposeful steps we can take as a company and an industry in the fight against all forms of racism, bigotry and prejudice. For those of you outside the music industry, we explain more here.