Here is some stuff I did in June 2023…

Music + AI

It was great to update the IMPALA board earlier today on the One Step Ahead research we are doing on music and AI. So many interesting developments to consider and important questions to discuss! I look forward to sharing our findings with the wider IMPALA community when the full report is ready to go.

CMU digested

It’s the music business week digested – with speculation about Spotify’s incoming ‘Supremium’ tier that comes with added audiobooks, plus Kesha and Dr Luke settle their ongoing legal battle, Doune The Rabbit Hole blames BECTU boycott for cancellation, US promoters appeal the BMI rate increase, and that Pollen documentary. Read this week’s CMU Digest here.

Latest Setlist

Last week the music publishers finally got round to suing Twitter over all the unlicensed music that appears in videos posted to the platform and that’s the topic for discussion on this week’s Setlist. Well, that and the new scheme to fight streaming fraud and Ed Sheeran’s latest sauce peddling. You can access it via your podcast app of choice or by clicking here.

CMU digested

It’s the music business week digested – with the music publishers getting together to sue Twitter for $250 million, Live Nation’s all-in-pricing commitment in the US, the new Music Fights Fraud initiative, plus updates on the Dr Luke v Kesha and Maria Schneider v YouTube court cases. Read this week’s CMU Digest here.

Leyton flypast

I do like a good flypast. Not quite as a good a view as that year when the Tattoo planes use to pretty much fly past the kitchen window of my Fringe Flat every evening – and therefore somewhat dots in the sky in this photo. But still, nice for the King to route it over Leyton. He arranged that personally, right?

27th year!

Hang on, somehow it’s the middle of June already, can that be right? Well, that means the Edinburgh Festival is zooming into view once again. And ThreeWeeks will be reviewing shows there for the… hang on, somehow it’s the 27th year already, can that be right? Surely not. Anyway, if you or someone you know would like to join our review team, info on how to apply is available here.

CMU digested

It’s the music business week digested – with reassurances in Parliament about the new economics of streaming remuneration working group, the Fix The Tix manifesto in the US, DistroKid being sued by a user, Coldplay’s eco-friendly touring update and Dua Lipa defeating a song-theft lawsuit. Read this week’s CMU Digest here.

DistroKid lawsuit

In today’s CMU Daily we report on an interesting lawsuit filed against DistroKid in relation to an allegedly malicious copyright takedown notice. I’m not necessarily convinced by the actual legal arguments against DistroKid itself, but it still puts the spotlight on a definite issue. Digital services often end up becoming reluctant arbitrators when there are copyright disputes over content uploaded to their platforms – and that often disadvantages independent creators if and when mistaken or malicious takedowns are issued against them. Read my report on that litigation here.

Economics of streaming

So, as you may have noticed, there were some significant announcements earlier this week about the ongoing government-led economics of streaming work that was instigated in response to that big old Parliamentary inquiry into how the digital music business works. A metadata code has been agreed and a remuneration working group convened. With all that in mind, CMU spoke to representatives from eight of the music industry organisations which have been very much involved in the process. You can read a summary and access the Q&As here.

Thank you Output

It’s always great to be back in Belfast for Output. As you can see, there was lots of talk about the economics of streaming debates this morning – with a keynote and panel that were more timely than originally planned! And then in the afternoon we got to update everyone on our Pathways Into Music projects, seeking to better connect music education and the music industry. Work which began in Belfast, so particularly good to be able to do an update at Output. Thank you to everyone who came to listen!