Here is some stuff I did in June 2024…

Edinburgh 2024

We’ve been posting a weekly review team plug on the ThreeWeeks social media for a few months now with a different Edinburgh photo every time. Which means I’ve become quite the expert on what Edinburgh skyline images are available on the stock photo websites. Not quite sure what to do with that expertise! Anyway, we have a great team in place already, but can still squeeze in a couple more people if you are interested – info here.

Pathways Sussex

Nice trip to University Of Sussex today to talk pathways into music – and Pathways Into Music – as part of the Sussex Secondary Music Conference. Lots of great insight and advice from our panel on what knowledge and information we need to get to anyone pursuing a career in music. Thanks to the university, Create Music and West Sussex Music for inviting us along!

Leyton Flypast 2024

I’m not really interested in any of that royal shenanigans, but I’m a big fan of the annual Leyton Asda flypast. The Asda gods even managed to get that big grey cloud to stop raining for five minutes!

This week’s Setlist

The big war between Spotify and the US music publishers is now being fought on multiple fronts, all of which we run through on this week’s Setlist. Plus some all important music trademark news with Drake and Hard (not Easy) Life – and I trawled through the UK General Election manifestos looking for the music-related stuff. Check it out in your podcast app of choice.

MEI Conference 2024

I’m at Lift in Islington today for the Music Education Islington Conference. Earlier I got to talk all about music careers – on stage and behind the scenes – and the key role educators play in highlighting the many different roles in the industry, and how young people might embark on their own pathway into music. I’ll be continuing that conversation with a panel at the end of the day. As always, lots of interesting ideas and insights to absorb and process.

MLC review

Fixing the music industry’s rights data mess, obliterating the streaming black box and making sure every single songwriter gets paid, that’s something we can all get behind, right? But how is The MLC doing in making it happen in the US? I’ve been through some of the submissions to the US Copyright Office’s review of the organisation that manages the mechanical royalties paid by streaming services to songwriters and music publishers in the American market. The digital platforms just want it to stop using their money to sue digital platforms, which is understandable I guess. Read my reports here.

This week’s Setlist

It’s something of a ticketing special on this week’s Setlist with the US government’s attempt to force Live Nation to sell Ticketmaster, the apparent mega-hack of Ticketmaster data, and UK touts plotting to fight the Labour Party’s plan for a ticket resale price cap. But there’s still time for the customary Spotify update with the dead Car Thing litigation. Access it all from your podcast app of choice.