Here is some stuff I did in March 2019…

Music Norway

Spent the day at this fine establishment in Oslo where I had the chance to talk about the MMF’s Fan Data Guide. Are artists getting access to the fan data they need? And are they legally able to use it? Thanks to Music Norway for the invite!

NFTS, Cultivator, MMF

It’s been a busy week of chatting music revenues, music rights and music management – with entrepreneurial MA students at the National Film & Television School on Tuesday, musicians with Cornwall’s Cultivator initiative yesterday, and managers on MMF’s Accelerator programme today. Tomorrow, to Norway to talk fan data.

Copyright Directive passed

So the European Parliament has passed the Copyright Directive. Which, depending on who you believe, will both “save music” and “kill the internet”. Before it dies, why not tune in to the recent edition of Setlist where we explained the whole music industry v YouTube saga? Here it is.

It’s another Setlist!

There’s more Spotify v Apple chatter on this week’s Setlist – but we snuck it in between Parliament’s new live music report and the latest BPI stats, so you’ll hardly notice. You can tune in to it all via your podcast application of choice or here online.

Ultimate Northampton

Really enjoyed heading up to the rather swish new campus of the University of Northampton yesterday to talk all things music business with The Ultimate Seminar. If you were there, many of the tips I mentioned are included in this article here.

TGE Elevate

I’m so exited about this new professional development programme we are launching at TGE that my subconscious pasted the headline announcing it into the CMU Daily subject line twice! But it is actually that exciting. Find out more about TGE Elevate here.

This week’s Setlist

In this week’s edition of what is fast becoming the Spotify Dispute Of The Week podcast, we explain what’s actually going on with the big mechanical royalties hoo haa in the US just now. Plus Kanye’s sneaky trick to try and get out of his EMI publishing contract. Tune in here!

Spotify v Apple

So this has all really kicked off this week hasn’t it? Currently thinking about setting up a wrestling ring on Brighton beach during TGE, then we can let Spotify, Apple and all the music publishers fight it out once and for all. Our report on the latest is here. Plus we’ll talk about it on next week’s Setlist.

CMU:DIY in Colchester

This weekend I’m heading to Colchester for the second of two CMU:DIY afternoons with the Essex Music Development Agency. We’ll be talking revenues, rights, gigs, social and business partners with lots of local artists. And I’ll be putting diagrams like this one on a big screen! Info here.

Spotify v songwriters

So, the war of words is very much underway in the US over Spotify’s decision to appeal the Copyright Royalty Board’s ruling on song royalty rates for streaming services. As with all things to do with digital licensing, it’s complicated. Someone should write a book about all that digital licensing nonsense! Here’s my report on yesterday’s developments. Oh, and here’s that book, in case you’re interested.

Setlist specials

Last year, when CMU was 20 years old, we picked out the 20 biggest stories that we had covered over the last two decades. We’ve now made special editions of Setlist in which we discuss fifteen of them. Still to come: DRM, web-blocking, MegaUpload, Live Nation and the big bad Pirate Bay! You can listen to all the special editions so far here.

Artist Setlist

On the latest Setlist special edition we talk about why CMU covers artist news as well as music business news, despite being a music business news service. It’s only partly because artist stories are often funnier. Because sometimes they really aren’t! Tune in here.

Industry Week

Thanks to the Confetti Institute Of Creative Technologies in Nottingham for inviting me to speak at their marvellous Industry Week earlier today – talking through all the key music revenue streams and the business partners that artists work with along the way. Basically this lecture here:

The influencers

I’m still really interested in the ever growing ‘influencer business’. Sufficiently so that I have almost – albeit reluctantly – agreed to start referring to it as the ‘influencer business’. I am mentioning it now because the next MME 4.5 event on Tuesday is on all the latest trends in influencer businesses and influencer marketing. If like me, you only tune in on this stuff occasionally, it will be a great way to get fully up to speed on all the latest developments.