Here is some stuff I did in March 2020…

Shows to stream

We normally tip great comedy and theatre happening in London on our TW London site, so at the moment we’re tipping shows that are available online instead. Plus Caro is still in Q&A mode, talking to David Head and Matt Glover who have turned their Edinburgh Fringe show into a podcast. Get the tips here. And check out the interview here.

Webinar central

This is my home webinar studio which – I will concede – is rather like my home podcast studio, except for the webinars there’s the camera. Don’t forget the camera! I’ve already delivered three webinars since lockdown (one was meant to be a webinar, the other two were converted into webinars). I suspect there’ll be quite a few more in the coming weeks – so lots of copyright chatter live from my desk in Leytonstone!

Snow globe nonsense

Needless to say, all international copyright chatter is currently on hold, so I don’t have any pictures of exciting faraway places to share. So how about pictures of the snow globes I bought in those exciting faraway places? It actually did snow the second time I spoke at the Mastering The Music Business conference in Bucharest, which is how I am justifying this purchase.

TGE 2020 Update

When someone asked me in Moscow just over a month ago whether The Great Escape might be cancelled because of the coronavirus I was surprised, amused and ambivalent. And, of course, WRONG. So sorry we won’t be able to bring you the brilliant conference we had planned, and even more so that you’ll miss the truly magnificent fifteenth anniversary festival programme TGE HQ had put together. Stay safe everybody as we begin the countdown to TGE 2021 – it’s going to be spectacular.

Home-made Setlist

Here’s our new podcast studio! Well, my half of it. Needless to say, most of this week’s home-recorded edition of Setlist focuses on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the music industry. But we found time to talk about some recent copyright litigation too. There’s always time to talk about some recent copyright litigation! You can tune in here.

Online shows

We usually publish a weekly guide to cultural events in London via our TW London site. With lockdown incoming, we’re going to be tipping great comedy, theatre and other fringe-style shows that are happening online. If you are involved in or know of any online shows – live or on-demand – that you think we should check out, do let us know – info here.

Setlist specials

Needless to say, my India trip has been postponed – so there’ll be no on-stage copyright or streaming chatter this weekend. But in this era of enforced home entertainment, don’t forget we offer that too! Here is a little reminder of all the Setlist specials we’ve published in the last couple of years.

Stairway case

So, there was another big song-theft judgement in the US courts yesterday that might slow – just a tiny little bit – the rise in the number of “I used those three notes too, you big infringer!” lawsuits. Here’s my CMU report on the second Ninth Circuit ruling on the ‘Stairway To Heaven’ copyright case.


So, as you may know, of late I’ve been lucky enough to travel to lots of exciting places to talk about music copyright and the streaming market. But today is the big one! I am going to MARGATE! To record two podcasts. During which I will probably talk about music copyright and the streaming market.

Music in games

Following all the recent talk about how musicians making music for TV get paid (or not), here’s an interesting article by Mat Ombler about those making music for games – and how they could be missing out on royalties too. I threw in some copyright facts, while those closer to this particular strand of sync provide lots more expertise. Read it here.

Madras Medai Expo

Later this month I’ll be heading to Chennai in India for the Madras Medai Expo – a two-day conference and festival for independent artists and the wider music community. So that’s exciting! I’ll deliver two workshops – one on the streaming business, one on making money from music. Thanks to the British Council for inviting me to take part!