Here is some stuff I did in May 2021…

I went premium

Thank you one and all for all the birthday greetings yesterday. Because I now pretty much only watch video content on YouTube, I treated myself to a premium subscription. Maths fans and budding start-ups might be interested to know: number of times you need to be served an advert for Nigel Farage’s daily investment news bulletin before you snap and go premium = 43. Next question: As I get YouTube Music bundled in, do I now cancel my Spotify subscription?

Real world talk!

This is the actual room where I got to deliver a real world talk to actual people earlier today! I just waffle on about copyright and streaming and data and NFTs, but it was still really great to be able to do all that in front of a real live audience in a real live room at The Arts Club. Can’t imagine how good artists must feel when they finally get back on stage to perform a proper show.

Attitude Is Everything

So last week I got to moderate a panel on an actual stage! And this week I’ll be delivering a talk to a real live audience! It feels like that misty blob up there on the horizon might just be normality. Thanks to Attitude Is Everything for inviting me to join the launch of their brilliant new ‘Accessible Employment Guide’ last Tuesday – get yourself a copy here.

23 years of CMU

So I guess we’ve been covering the good old business of music for 23 years now – ie long enough that it all began on paper. How passé! We even interviewed bands back then. And reviewed records. Gomez was single of the week on 18 May 1998. All the sarcasm came later if I remember rightly. If you were there at the start, thanks for reading along all this time, we’re THRILLED to still have you on board.

TGE thanks!

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to our online edition of The Great Escape this week, and also to all the brilliant panellists and interviewees who took part, including – of course – the legendary Björn Ulvaeus. If you were a delegate, don’t forget all the sessions will be available again on-demand from Monday until the end of the month. Meanwhile, see you at TGE 2022 on the Brighton sea-front!

TGE Online is go!

Hosting a conference 2021 style! Can’t wait to get back on stage with these things soon, but have still really enjoyed day one of our first ever online TGE Conference. Thanks to all the speakers and everyone who tuned in. Tomorrow I’m talking streaming, data, influencers, cancel culture and digital challenges, plus interviewing Ole Obermann from TikTok and the one and only Björn Ulvaeus. See you there!

CMU+TGE panel #05

I’ve not been doing a very good job of plugging all the brilliant panels we are presenting at TGE next week – though that’s mainly because I’ve been too busy pre-recording some of the brilliant panels we are presenting at TGE next week. Did I mention that we are presenting some brilliant panels at TGE next week? Here you go, here’s a plug for one of the brilliant panels we are presenting at TGE next week: Maximising The Power Of Fan Data.

CMU+TGE panel #04

I turned away for like a moment – and when I turned back it was somehow May already. Which means our online edition of The Great Escape Conference is now very close indeed. One of our Future Music Talent sessions will see four brilliant managers – all of whom have been involved in the MMF’s Accelerator programme – putting the spotlight on what the fanbase building process involves for new artists in 2021. Get some info on that here.