Here is some stuff I did in November 2019…

MME 4.5 VideoVision

I’m looking forward to learning from the experts on all the current trends and opportunities in video-streaming and the audio-visual business at the latest MME 4.5 event tomorrow. There’s some info on it all here. I have a discount code if anyone wants to buy a last minute ticket – shout if you want it!

Viagogo buys StubHub

For a moment it looked like we’d actually have a Taylor Swift free edition of the CMU Daily today. And then we spotted another ‘Shake It Off’ lawsuit. But still, she’s not the top story. That’s Viagogo popping out of its Swiss cave with four billion in cash to buy up StubHub. Here’s my report on it.

Ultimate panel

It was great to host the fact-packed ‘Knowing Your Business’ panel at today’s Ultimate Seminar. One sentence summary: Have some great songs from the off, a good story to tell, a solid plan to share with potential partners, agree terms with collaborators by email, and then focus on finding and building an audience. Simple!

Which Pandora?

I can’t help thinking that a different Pandora should be advertising alongside this Billboard story about digital music licensing. Still, an interesting update for anyone following US music licensing gubbins. And here is our take on the whole thing.

Sonic good times

Thanks to the team at Sonic Visions for having me back again this year. It’s a factory of new music and new ideas that’s take place – as you can see – in an actual factory! Well, a former factory. But still a really cool venue. Fingers crossed – hope to see you again next year!

Ready to go Sonic!

I’m in the house at Sonic Visions ready to deliver two brand new CMU speed briefings – one on playlists, one on the all new ‘Distribution Revolution’ report. Plus I get to chat to Believe’s Victor Conradsson and Bitbird’s Nikita Wiessner in the middle. One more coffee and I’ll be ready to go Sonic!

I’m in Luxembourg!

I’m pleased to confirm that travelling to Luxembourg is a pleasurable experience when you steer clear of the monumentally useless joke airline that is Luxair. Yes, that’s right, I’m still bitter about my experience flying with the Liars Of Luxembourg last year! But also excited to be back here for my second visit to the rather marvellous Sonic Visions, this time courtesy of lovely Easyjet.

Our new report

Yesterday we launched ‘Distribution Revolution’, the new report CMU Insights has produced for the Association Of Independent Music documenting the evolution of the music distribution sector. Thanks to everyone who came to the launch at Tileyard. You can download a free copy of the report right now via the AIM website.

Sonic Visions 2019

This time next week I will be in Luxembourg for the marvellous Sonic Visions. I am presenting two speed briefings this year (both new): one on playlists and one on music distribution. I’ll also interview Believe’s Victor Conradsson and Bitbird’s Nikita Wiessner on the former topic. If you’re going, see you there! Do say hello!

Demystifying Digital

Next week I’ll be at the MPA’s ‘Demystifying Digital’ seminar delivering a very speedy ‘History Of The Digital Market’. In case you wondered, it starts in 1983. But I’ll make sure I get up to 2019 within my 20 minutes! Here is some info about it all on the MPA website.

Return flight reading

I had a fun couple of days in Bilbao, thank you BIME Pro! And thanks to Mr Justice Birss for providing my return flight reading! Expect CMU Daily reports, Setlist chatter and an extra section at next week’s CMU copyright masterclass on the big Sony/Warner v TuneIn ruling.