Here is some stuff I did in November 2020…

Creators’ roundtable

The debate about the economics of music streaming is gaining momentum pretty much everywhere at the moment. I’m looking forward to joining this roundtable discussion tomorrow. I’ll be explaining how the current streaming business model works in a speedy 20 minutes (count them!), plus we’ll hear about the user-centric approach from Deezer, and get the songwriter and musician perspective too. More info here.

Equitable remuneration

For people who tune into our podcast or webinars, I can report that I now pronounce the word “remuneration” correctly 93% of the time. Though weirdly I now say “equitable” wrong 29% of the time. Anyway, performer equitable remuneration was a key talking point at Parliament’s first streaming inquiry session on Tuesday. Here is my CMU report on it.

Ultimate Seminar 2020

The busy week of music business chatter is almost at an end, but not quite! Tomorrow it’s the Ultimate Seminar, this year online, obviously. I’m moderating the Knowing Your Business panel and chatting with David Levy (WME), Eve Fairley-Chickwe (AWAL/Kobalt), Muna IIeiwat (The state51 Conspiracy), Christel Kayibi (Columbia) and Shauni Caballero (The Go 2 Agency). Get all the info here.

IMI conversation

This is proving to be a very busy week for music business chatting with webinars, workshops and panels. This afternoon I’ll be talking about CMU, Dissecting The Digital Dollar and The Great Escape with the Institute Of Music Initiatives in Russia, which is rather exciting. And the whole thing will be streaming on YouTube.

One step ahead…

Being super busy with a flurry of report writing – while also processing world events and arguing with Uber Eats customer (non)support – I didn’t have chance to post last week about our exciting new partnership with IMPALA called One Step Ahead. We are working with IMPALA’s digital committee on a series of reports and resources for the independent music community across Europe. Lots of great stuff incoming for IMPALA members. Find out a little bit more here.