Here is some stuff I did in October 2019…

I’m in Bilbao!

Today I’m writing my CMU Daily stories above the roof tops of Bilbao (in hotel room 1234 no less!) Looking forward to talking royalty chains and how to get songwriters paid at BIME PRO this afternoon. I’m on stage at 3.40pm in Auditorium 1.

‘Shake It Off’ case

Today’s MMF Mechanics seminar begins with a copyright quiz where we discuss what kinds of creative output are protected by copyright. I might throw in the lyric “The playas gon play/Them haters gonna hate” just to confuse EVERYONE. Not really. Though I do like pop squabble judgements that cite 1903 precedents.

BIME Pro 2019

I’m heading to Bilbao this week for the BIME Pro conference. On Thursday I’ll deliver my speed briefing on the MMF ‘Song Royalties Guide’, and then chat to BMG’s Dominique Kulling about the challenges and opportunities for music makers in Continental Europe. Here is some info.

Roundhouse Rising

We ran the second of our CMU:DIY workshops for Roundhouse Rising today. Thanks to everyone who came to both sessions, and to our brilliant guests – so that’s Ashley from Believe, Alex from Russells, Megan from Hot Vox and Adam from The Great Escape. We should have some more CMU:DIY sessions to announce very soon!

Mechanics Dublin Two

Thanks to everyone who came to the second MMF Mechanics Of Music Management Day in Dublin with IMRO – and to my guests, Seán from IMRO and Phil from AWAL. It was a packed day of music rights, digital dollars and direct-to-fan. Don’t forget, there are three Mechanics seminars upcoming in London.

The ‘Truth Hurts’ case

The old music law cliche goes “Where there’s a hit there’s a writ”. And here, for certain, we didn’t get the writ until this two year old track was a definite hit. It’s all about a single line that began as someone else’s tweet. Here’s my report on Lizzo’s ‘Truth Hurts’ litigation.

Music for games

Among last week’s busy-ness, I forgot to say that I provided some copyright chatter for this interesting article on the challenges around licensing music for games. Spoiler alert: it would be loads easier if we could just get together that music rights database. Read more here.

Super busy week

All in all, it’s been a rather busy week. Thanks to everyone who came to the CMU seminar, MMF seminar, BPI webinar, A:E Day with FAC and English Folk Expo, Swn conference and/or Roundhouse session! Here’s me chatting about the music marketing toolkit at Sŵn. Today, sleep and occasional glances at the BBC news app.

Heading to Sŵn

Thanks to everyone who joined us for a brilliant Artist:Entrepreneur Day in Manchester today. I’m now speeding (ish) by train to Cardiff to join the rest of Team CMU for day two of our industry sessions as part of the Sŵn Festival tomorrow. See you there!

Manchester then Cardiff

I am Mmmmmmmm-anchester bound for the latest A:E Day, taking place as part of the English Folk Expo and featuring all these guys. Then on to Cardiff to join the rest of the CMU team where we are presenting workshops and conversations as part of the Sŵn Festival. Info here.

Distribution Revolution

It’s a double announcement day! I’ve been working with the Association Of Independent Music on a report exploring the evolution of music distribution and the changing role of the music distributor. We announced today that that report – called ‘Distribution Revolution’ – will be published next month. Sign up here to get a copy.

TGE 2020 themes

Today we announced the key themes for our three conferences at The Great Escape 2020. We will kick things off once again with a full-day focus on music education, and then put the spotlight on music media and global music markets. There’s lots of info here.

Piracy reports

Andy found a new generic stock image to illustrate my never-ending music piracy reports. I know for a fact you did all your file-sharing hiding in the shadows in a hooded top. The latest of these reports is on the US record industry compiling its 2019 piracy gripe list.

BIMM London lecture

It’s the BIMM London lecture where I get to stand in front of a crazy big CMU logo! Actually, it’s three lectures, but the same lecture three times in a row. To three different audiences, I should add. Think the second one was probably the best.

Sony Music session

I got to meet all the new interns at Sony Music yesterday while delivering my ‘Introduction To The Music Industry’ seminar. With a CMU seminar as well yesterday, an MMF Mechanics seminar this evening and a BIMM London lecture tomorrow, it’s a very busy week talking about music revenues, music rights and music deals.