Here is some stuff I did in September 2019…

Digital licensing

So this is the super simplified version of digital licensing! Thanks to those who joined me at the CMU Digital Dollar masterclass yesterday where we went into it all in much more detail. Still to come in the magical world of CMU training: our music marketing seminar series and the key developments in music rights masterclass. Info here.

Birmingham sessions

Busy couple of days in Birmingham this week, running a workshop with the MU on Thursday and then at Pivotal on Friday. That included co-hosting five A:E Day sessions with these very fine artist entrepreneurs. Thanks to them, everyone who took part in the CMU and A:E sessions, and to MU, AWAL and Pivotal for making these events happen.

Mechanics galore

Thank you to IMRO for being such great hosts today for the Dublin edition of the MMF/CMU Mechanics Of Music Management seminar. For those of you on the other side of the sea, the next London-based series of these seminars kicks off next week. There’s some info here.

Dublin/Birmingham bound

I’m calling in at all the exotic UK airports this month. Flying out from London (yeah, right) Southend, then back into Birmingham Airport. It’s IMRO/MMF training in Dublin tomorrow, a session with the Musicians’ Union in Birmingham on Thursday, and then it’ll be Pivotal time on Friday! Busy week.

Royalty chain briefing

It was fun to present my ALL NEW speed briefing on ‘Mapping The Royalty Chain’ at the Reeperbahn Festival last week, before getting loads of insider insights from two great panels. For those who came along – here are the promised speed briefing slides.

Cheshire bound

I had a great couple of days in Hamburg at the Reeperbahn Festival, including some very interesting on-stage conversations about those pesky royalty chains. Now Cheshire bound – somehow the first time I have ever used Manchester Airport, despite growing up just twelve miles away from it. So, Manchester Airport here I come!

I’m at Reeperbahn

I’m in Hamburg for this year’s Reeperbahn Festival. CMU is presenting three sessions tomorrow afternoon at the East Hotel, including my ALL NEW speed briefing all about how songwriters (often don’t) get paid when their songs are streamed. Info on all our stuff here.

Amazon Music HD

So, earlier today Mark Savage at the BBC and I had a good ponder about what Amazon Music’s move into high quality audio might mean. Can it take a traditionally niche product mainstream? Will anyone be able to tell the difference? Here’s is Mark’s report on it all.

Music & Podcasts

It was great to take part in the Podcast Maker Weekend earlier today. Thanks to all the podcasters who joined me in the depths of Kings Place for my talk on music rights and podcasting (especially on such a sunny day – that’s the actual sky behind the London Podcast Festival flag in this here photo!)

Country pub debrief

Today I ventured out into the countryside for a ThreeWeeks debrief over a country pub lunch. We might have been on coffee by the time we actually remembered to discuss anything to do with TW matters, but we did find a few minutes to talk Edinburgh Fringe 2020. Yes, already!

Consent decree fun times

Today I ended up writing 1664 words about the US Justice Department’s current review of the way American collecting societies BMI and ASCAP are regulated. But there were 877 submissions to said review, so I think that still counts as a very concise report. All 1664 words are here.

User-Centric fun times

So this is why I was at Deezer HQ last week – they have launched a new website today explaining why they would like to shift to so called user-centric royalty distribution (or UCPS as they call it). I explain what that is all about and Deezer’s arguments for why it is a better system here.

Warner Music HQ

Here’s me at Warner Music this morning. Yeah, you have to look very closely to see me. It was great to deliver CMU’s ‘Key Music Business Trends’ seminar to the HR team there – kick-starting a very busy back-to-school month of seminars and speed briefings. Here’s a handy list of what’s coming up.

ThisWeek London

You know how I was posting about all that Edinburgh Fringe stuff recently? Well, we also recommend great culture in London all year round via ThisWeek London, where my colleague Caro Moses tips top theatre, comedy and other events every week. Currently waiting to see if she’ll tip my session at London Podcast Festival later this month! Read this week’s Threes To See.

Deezer HQ

First time at Deezer HQ in Paris today to discuss digital dollars with the team there. I’ll report back on the next Setlist. Actually, next but one. It’s a special edition next week because Thursday is usually our recording day and, well, I was at Deezer HQ in Paris discussing digital dollars, obviously!

Baby Shark copyright

If you are looking for a distraction from all the Brexit dramas, in this week’s podcast we discuss the copyright status of ‘Baby Shark’! Yes, all versions of it, including the original where the song’s narrator gets eaten. Tune in here.

A:E Day Birmingham

The Artist:Entrepreneur Day is returning! That being the artist-led education day from FAC and CMU:DIY. We have three editions coming up and will be visiting Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle along the way. The first is part of the Pivotal conference in partnership with AWAL. We have some info here.