Here is some stuff I did in September 2020…

Emerging markets

It’s our next CMU webinar tomorrow putting the spotlight on digital music in emerging markets. Oh for the days when I got to actually talk about digital music IN those emerging markets! But find out what I learned on all my travels, plus lots of other stats and facts about streaming around the world, via the wonders of online learning! Get all the info here.

A:E Day tomorrow

Tomorrow is the latest edition of the FAC+CMU Artist:Entrepreneur Day supported by Help Musicians. Eckoes, ShaoDow and Rosie Bans will host, plus we have industry experts from 23rd Precinct Music, Cantine, Help Musicians, PPL, PRS For Music, Raygun Records, Secretly Group, Sentric Music, Simkins LLP, Tape Music Company and Wicksteed Works. Find out more here.

Publishing trends

Earlier this year I was meant to be flying to Hamburg to deliver a session for the International Music Publishing Summer School. COVID scuppered that, of course, but today I got to present my session on music publishing trends and challenges to the programme’s trainees digitally. It would have been nice to have seen a bit of Hamburg, but it was still fun to deliver the session from my desk in London. Thanks for having me!

Webinars incoming

A new series of CMU webinars kicks off next week, with the first session looking at what rights artists and songwriters have over their music after they’ve assigned their copyrights to a label or publisher – which is somewhat newsworthy given Kanye West’s record contract ranting earlier this week. Find out more about that and all the other webinars upcoming here.

Deals Guide

For everyone newly interested in how record contracts work – you know, for one reason or another – remember we published a guide all about the ins and outs of record deals as part of the MMF Digital Dollar project (albeit with a slight UK bias). As many have pointed out already, while there are still good deals and bad deals being done all the time, artists (and their managers) now have much more choice when it comes to monetising their recorded music, as this guide explains. You can grab a free copy here.

Lady A v Lady A

I like the way that a grammatical quirk tells you who is suing who in these two separate lawsuits. Sort of. OK, it’s still a bit confusing, which is kind of the point of the lawsuits. That and the question as to whether common law rights over a mark can supersede a formal trademark registration under US law. Our report on the latest developments in Lady A v Lady A is here.

A:E Day September

Two weeks today (26 sep) we are hosting another Artist:Entrepreneur Day with the FAC thanks to support from Help Musicians. This time Eckoes, ShaoDow and Rosie Bans will be opening up their individual artist businesses, I’ll present some CMU:DIY guides and we’ll be joined by a host of music industry experts. It’s a great day for any early-career and self-managed artists out there. There’s more info here.

Autumn webinars

We announced a new season of CMU webinars this week, which kicks off later this month. Every Tuesday afternoon I’ll be delivering a one hour session, along the way covering performer rights, emerging markets, streaming playlists, fanbase building, brand partnerships, direct-to-fan, industry trends, streaming trends and copyright trends. If you are interested, all the info is here.