I regularly teach and talk about the music, media and communication industries, and copyright, media and constitutional law. I do this through the seminars, webinars and educational programmes that we run; via in-house training sessions I deliver at music, digital and media companies; and at universities, colleges, conferences and events around the world.

Topics I regularly teach and talk about include:

• How the music business works – and how all the different strands of the global music industry fit together.

• How front-line musicians go about building businesses around their music-making – and the business partners they will work with along the way.

• The ins and outs of copyright and copyright law – and how copyright empowers and protects content creators and their business partners.

• How music copyright works in particular – and how people and companies can monetise and make use of songs and recordings.

• How the streaming music business works – and the complexities and issues with digital licensing and digital music deals.

• How data now drives the music business – from the rights data the industry controls to the fan data that is key for music marketing.

• What the law says about copyright infringement – and the music industry’s long-running battle with online piracy.

• How digital has impacted on the music, media and wider creative industries – and how new technologies create new opportunities.

• The legal, ethical and commercial responsibilities of digital platforms in relation to copyright, data and harmful content.

• The importance of a company’s reputation – and the different ways companies communicate with their different stakeholders.

• How the news business works – and how companies, brands and interest groups seek to influence the news agenda.

• How democracies are structured – and how companies and interest groups seek to influence government and the law-making process.

Places I can be regularly found teaching and talking include:

CMU MASTERCLASSES – CMU’s acclaimed training programme offers a series of online masterclasses that bring music business professionals fully up to date on the latest trends, developments and debates in the music industry, delivered live on Zoom and also available on-demand.

CMU TEAM TRAINING – seminars and webinars that we regularly run for music, media and digital companies and organisations, with a wide-range of off-the-shelf sessions to choose from, plus we can put together bespoke sessions to meet any one client’s needs.

CMU LECTURES – lectures providing beginner guides to the music business delivered at colleges and universities, and for music industry organisations and events, covering topics like music revenues, music rights, streaming, record deals, fanbase building and music data.

MECHANICS OF MUSIC MANAGEMENT – the online training programme we run for the UK’s Music Managers Forum, providing a concise guide to artist management today, including management deals, running a company, music rights, record deals, publishing deals and fanbase building.

BPI WEBINARS – a series of webinars that we run for UK record labels association the BPI which are available to employees at BPI member companies and cover topics like music rights, licensing, sync, streaming, marketing, data, catalogue and international music markets.

Universities, colleges and educational programmes at which I have lectured in recent years include: Berklee College Of Music, BIMM, Confetti Institute Of Creative Technologies, ICMP, Loughborough University, National Film & Theatre School, NEKO, Masterskaya MasterCamp, Music Business Summer School, Notting Hill Academy Of Music, Promus Publishing Academy, Royal Northern College Of Music, Tileyard Education and UD Incubator.

Conferences and events at which I have presented or taken part in panels in recent years include: ADE, AES, AIM Connected, Athens Music Week, Audio Developer Conference, Brighton Music Conference, Canadian Music Week, Co-Pop, ECSA Creators Conference, Eurosonic, Eyeife Festival, IMS, Linecheck, MENT, MIDEM, Monkey Week, Music + Media, Music Mark Conference, Output, PIN, Pivotal, Platforma Music Day, Reeperbahn, Runda Digital Day, SHIP, Sonic Visions, South By Southwest, Spot+, Swn Festival, The Great Escape, Tallinn Music Week, Vill Vill Vest and Wide Days.

I have also taken part in sessions, events and podcasts run and supported by the British Council for music-makers and the music industry in places like Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Russia, Tanzania and Ukraine.

To discuss possible teaching or training projects related to any of these topics just drop me an email to