Hello there! Here is some stuff I did…

With a capital W

I forgot to mention, I did some in depth judging while walking around a postered-up Edinburgh this weekend and can confirm that the winner of this year’s annual “That’s Right, It’s One Word With A Capital W” Award goes to Kevin Quantum’s ’Dark Matter’ at the Gilded Balloon. There’s no prize I’m afraid, except the warm glow of knowing that your attention to detail is both unusual and top notch – and sub-editors everywhere (especially at ThreeWeeks but not Three Weeks) thank you for your efforts.

No tickets required

Hey Spotify, in a city full of comedians desperately trying to sell tickets to their shows, I’m not convinced this is the best marketing slogan for your comedy podcasts – basically “don’t spend money on actual shows, just download these for free!” Not sure the comedy community will be too keen on that. And that’s before I tell them about all the comedy copyright issues!

Edinburgh bound

Early start today to make sure I’m in Edinburgh in time for the Fringe’s big old Meet The Media bash (or Meet The Performers from my side of the table). Flashbacks to the manic but uplifting Fringe launch event in 1996; the old Meet The ThreeWeeks Reviewers sessions in the 2000s, especially the one at Roman Eagle Lodge in 2008; and the last time I was pitched to by a very long line of performers at Fringe 2019. Here we go again!

Festival 2022

So, if you go by official dates – and who doesn’t love some official dates? – today is the first day of the Edinburgh Fringe, and the wider Edinburgh Festival I guess. If you are in Edinburgh, do pick up our 2022 ThreeWeeks Preview Guide packed full of interviews and Caro’s Three To See show recommendations, you can get a free copy at loads of venues. Or you can check all our coverage of this year’s Edinburgh festivities on the website here.

Train to where?

Yeah, but what are you meant to do when the display on the front of the train is broken too? I mean, trains from this platform go to four different destinations! Anyway, I’m Chiswick bound to talk music rights data at Metropolis Studios. Or maybe Wimbledon bound not to – who knows!

Setlist journey

I ended up spending several hours ploughing through the CMA’s 97 page report on the streaming market to put together some notes for this week’s Setlist podcast. That delayed recording, resulting in Andy having to upload the final edit from a holiday cottage in France over wobbly French holiday cottage wifi. That proved impossible, resulting in him having to send me the file cut up into ten minute segments so I could stitch them together and do the uploading. What I’m saying is, this week’s Setlist went on quite the journey before being published! See how it turned out right about here.