Hello there! Here is some stuff I did…

Edinburgh 2024

We will be reviewing shows at the Edinburgh Festival for the 28th time this year. If you – or anyone you know – is planning on being in Edinburgh during August, why not share the experience by writing reviews for ThreeWeeks? Details on how to apply to join the review team are here. And look out for all our Edinburgh coverage on the website and in the TW Weekly bulletin throughout July and August.

WLab funtimes

My Guimarães hotel room proved to be an adequate podcast studio I think – you can hear for yourself by listening to this week’s Setlist where we discuss the CMS Select Committee’s Creator Remuneration report and Dave Rowntree’s PRS lawsuit. And I talk a little bit about Westway Lab where I’ve been for the last few days. These crates spell out WLab by the way, though I’m not sure you can tell from this angle.

Westway funtimes

Really enjoying Westway Lab. This event also has a residency programme where nine artists from around the world partner up and, in the week before we arrive, create a new 30 minute set of music, which they then perform at the festival. Yesterday we got to meet them and hear about their adventure, which was very interesting indeed. As for today, I’ll be working out how to arrange the pillows so that my hotel room has almost decent podcast recording acoustics. Wish me luck!

I’m in Guimarães

I am in Guimarães in Portugal where the church bells just rang out ‘Happy Birthday To You’. It’s not my birthday, but I enjoyed it anyway. I’m here for Westway Lab and look forward to hearing about the outputs and learnings of the Musika Peripherika project tomorrow.

CMU digested

It’s the latest CMU Digest. Warner Music Group decided it was better to stay a small town girl, and has turned down the opportunity to take a midnight train to Believe-ville: maybe the price was just ‘trop cher’; US Artist Rights Alliance and IMPALA both take potshots at TikTok; Spotify will be putting up prices again – but audiobooks become optional; Pharrell’s trademark spat; and Vivendi flogs off See Tickets. Read here.