Here is some stuff I did in June 2022…

A:E Day Southampton

This weekend we have another in-person Artist:Entrepreneur Day, this time in Southampton. If you know any early-career artists in that part of the world, do let them know. Or, indeed, in any part of the world, because there is also a live stream available. Info here.

Rushed Setlist

Someone – and we need not dwell on who – somehow managed to record a whole podcast last week without plugging his microphone into his Zoom player. We did think about just publishing Andy’s side of the conversation and letting you fill in the gaps yourself. But that super innovative new podcasting concept was ultimately rejected in favour of a “rushed re-record and light edit” edition of Setlist. You can see how that turned out here.

Humber + digests

It’s the bit where it pretty much feels like the train is actually in the Humber. Thank you to everyone who joined us at the Hull edition of the Artist:Entrepreneur Day yesterday – looking forward to the Southampton edition next weekend. Meanwhile, I used this bit of the train journey home to write a CMU Digest including FourTet, MegaUpload, Sheeran, IMPALA, Hendrix – here it is.

Four Tet v Domino

There’s been lots of chatter and coverage about the Four Tet v Domino settlement hasn’t there? Here’s my report from the CMU Daily yesterday which quickly summarises the dispute – which has legal, PR and political elements to it. And what’s more fun than when litigation, PR and politics collide? In terms of impact, the PR and political elements are possibly more important. Read my report here.

Digested CMU

The music business week digested! There’s Belgium introducing an ER right on streams, Sony Music appointing a new CEO for Australia, Rob Da Bank winning the Bestival loan legal battle, Spotify’s all-new super-safe Safety Advisory Council, and ASCAP and BMI hitting out at the US radio sector’s new rate court strategy. Check the latest CMU Digest here.

Homecoming panel

If they’re calling Harry Styles’ Manchester dates “homecoming shows”, then this is my homecoming panel. I mean, the chances of me getting to talk about the latest trends and debates in the music industry on stage in Holmes Chapel are basically zero, whereas Harry could actually headline Bluedot. Anyway, looking forward to chatting about all those trends and debates with these fine people at Un-Convention in Manchester next month. Get some info here.

Need to revisit Tallinn!

I think Tallinn Music Week and The Great Escape are going to clash next year, which is a shame – too many great events too few weeks in the year I guess. But, even more annoying because, as you can see, after moving some shelves around this weekend, I now have a pressing need to return to the Estonian capital sometime soon.

Buy or sell?

As you may know, CMU’s investment wing currently controls some Spotify stock. Well, we bought ONE share in 2018. And we’re currently $52.94 down on that deal. After Daniel Ek tried his best to rally investment types at his Investor Day event last week we thought we’d do our bit to boost the Spotify share price by summarising all his key points on Setlist. It was all going fine until Andy started ranting about how totally rubbish the Spotify app has become in recent years. Tune in to Setlist here.

Digested CMU

It’s the music business week digested – yes, yet again. There’s Ditto Music seeking to get its Lil Yachty lawsuit dismissed, Greece removing the visa requirement for UK artists, Spotify’s big old Investor Day, Sony Music’s latest filing in its copyright battle with Bang Energy, and more opposition to PRS’s decision to cut PRS Foundation funding. Check this week’s CMU Digest here.

A:E Days upcoming

We have two in-person editions of the Artist:Entrepreneur Day coming up – one in Hull on 25 Jun and one in Southampton on 2 Jul. I’ll be presenting my A:E Day Guides, plus chatting to FAC artist entrepreneurs about their artist businesses, and getting practical tips and insights galore from a team of music industry experts. If you know any artists in those places – or who might want to tune into a free livestream – tell them to check out all the info here.

Digested CMU

It’s the music business week digested, you know, in celebration of the Jubilee and all that. The FAC’s petition against PRS cutting its funding to the PRS Foundation, the MMF’s report on digital burnout, juror questions in the labels v Spinrilla case, IFPI’s UAE agreement and Spotify’s new educational site for artists. Check this week’s CMU Digest here.

Elizabeth Line

Today I celebrated the Platinum Jubilee by riding the Elizabeth Line for the first time. It was more a celebration of the train than the monarch, though her name is in it I guess. So that’s done. Now I just need them to sort out the Liverpool Street and Paddington connections and it will actually become useful for those of us who live near Stratford – rather than me deliberately picking a restaurant in Paddington simply as an excuse to use the new train!

Platinum stuff

Many thanks for all the birthday greetings earlier in the week! Today I’m celebrating the Platinum Jubilee by having a big old Pathways Into Music planning meeting with Phil. But look, there’s a platinum disc on the wall in the room where we’re meeting, so that counts right?