Here is some stuff I did in November 2022…

Wrapped + webinars

So no surprises there then. And many thanks to all the low-use Spotify subscribers for subsidising all my Chilly Gonzales listening this year! Talking of which, I’ll be explaining how streaming income is shared out – and all the debates around it – in a new webinar series in January. Plus, before the Christmas break – Music Business Trends 2022 – like a ‘wrapped’ of the music industry year, but via three fact-packed webinars. Info here.

Demystifying Digital

I am in the process of updating the slides for my speed briefing on the history of digital music which I’m presenting as part of the MPA’s Demystifying Digital day tomorrow. That’s the presentation which includes the slide where digital music services go to die. Interestingly, not so many recent additions to be made, which is good news. I wonder where we’ll be in a year’s time! If you are attending the event, see you tomorrow!

Back from Milan

I’m back from Milan. I was too busy talking streaming trends and touring economics to do anything touristy, though I did see the Duomo di Milano from the tram. Here it is through the tinting on the tram window. I kind of like the effect. In fact, I’m counting this as a trip to some kind of modern art museum.

Linecheck slides

Great few days in Milan. Thank you to everyone who checked out my speed briefings at Linecheck – and to all the brilliant panelists who joined me to dig deeper into the topics of digital and live. If you were there, you can access the slides for my briefings here.

Upcoming CMU webinars

We’ve announced six new CMU webinars today. In December we will be doing the annual Music Business Trends sessions, three webinars summarising all the key developments in the music industry this year. And in January we will present three sessions telling you everything you need to know about the ongoing debates around music streaming. You can find all the info here.

Heading to Linecheck

I’m heading back to the wonderful Linecheck in Milan this week to present some speedy speed briefings on the digital market and live sector, plus I’ll be moderating two panels via which we will discuss the challenges and opportunities for artists in the digital and live domains. If you are attending too, come and say hello! And here is some info about the speed briefings.

Ultimate Seminar 2022

Looking forward to tomorrow’s Ultimate Seminar. I’ll be moderating the ‘Knowing Your Business’ panel once again, joined by TikTok’s David Mogendorff, Sentric Music’s Gareth Varty, beatBread’s Mark Terry, Tan Ward’s Praveen Bhatia, producer TommyD and singer-songwriter Michelle Escoffery. Needless to say, it will be packed full of facts, tips and ideas.

DCMS select committee

The select committee hearing on the big old economics of streaming debate was yesterday. Did you all tune in? Well, on the off chance you didn’t, my report in the CMU Daily covers what I said in the first half (aka ‘The Amicable Hour’) and the key talking points from the second half (aka ‘The Contention Section’). Or you can even tune into the whole thing on-demand on the Parliament website. My report is here.

Digested CMU

It’s the music business week digested with that interesting ruling in the Italian courts that confirmed Cloudflare needs to do some web-blocking on its 1-1-1-1 DNS resolver. Plus the fake Vogue cover controversy, YouTube’s latest stats bragging, and more. Read this week’s CMU Digest here.

Economics Of Streaming

There has been quite a lot going on behind the scenes following that report on the Economics Of Music Streaming published by Parliament’s DCMS select committee last year, seeking to address some of the issues said report raised. I’ve been involved in some of that work. There’ll be another session in Parliament on Tuesday to discuss developments and ongoing challenges – and I’ll be there during the first hour. Info here.

New route!

So, heading home yesterday I travelled from Bond Street straight through to Stratford for the first time on the now properly connected Elizabeth Line. I mean, I could get the Central Line from Bond Street all the way to Leytonstone, so going this route possibly takes longer. But – having already used the all new Central-to-Northern-Line interchange at Bank yesterday morning – I figured it was New Routes On The Underground Day.

Loughborough but near me

It was great to call in at Loughborough University earlier today – what is, somewhat unexpectedly, the nearest university to where I live in Leytonstone. The topic for discussion was music industry business models – I basically talked through three of my favourite diagrams and answered the customary copyright questions!

Digested CMU

It’s the music business week digested, with some Amazon Prime Music shuffling, a Grande damages win for the major labels, Will Page’s latest review of music rights revenues, and some other stuff too. You can read this week’s CMU Digest here.

TGE 2023 passes

I’m trying to remember when in the year I become confident enough in remembering the dates of the next Great Escape that I can post about them without double checking things on the website. Anyway, I just doubled checked on the website, it’s 10-13 May 2023. I guess this image confirms that too! I mention this now because the last few delegate passes at the early bird rate are about to sell out, so if you are a fan of both TGE and bargains, today is the day to get your pass!