Here is some stuff I did in October 2022…

Night & Day Setlist

I thought maybe I should plug my own podcast for a change. This week we discuss the latest in the Night & Day noise complaint saga up there in the “alleged” Music City that is Manchester. “Alleged” rather than “actual” until the council sorts out this mess, of course! We also talk about what 5 Seconds Of Summer said about being the final ever winners of the NME’s Worst Band Award. Tune in here.

More Shot & Chaser

Had another chat with the fine people at the Shot & Chaser podcast today, this time about good old dynamic ticket pricing. We all love that right? You can find it inside Spotify. And while you’re in there, why not track down CMU’s Setlist podcast? That’s been dominated by live industry chatter of late as well.

One Step Ahead

Earlier this month we published the latest of the IMPALA One Step Ahead reports, this one all about Web3, blockchain, NFTs and metaverse – explaining all those buzzwords and outlining how these technologies are impacting on the business of music. We also did a webinar and IMPALA members can access a recording of that now via the IMPALA website here.

Shot & Chaser

If you can even imagine it, this week I was chatting about music rights, how music rights make money, and why people have been buying up music rights catalogues for silly money. This particular chatter was on the Shot & Chaser podcast over there on Spotify which asked: “Why are musicians selling off their back catalogues?” Here it is.

Heading north!

I’m heading up north on one of those occasional trains to Manchester that they run these days. Tomorrow, I will be talking to these fine people about their artist businesses and how music-makers go about generating revenue around their songs, recordings, shows and the fan relationship. Then on Sunday, I don’t know, maybe I’ll do a Harry Styles Walking Tour of Holmes Chapel.

Liz Truss the infringer?

So I’ve gathered together all the chatter around Liz Truss using M People’s ‘Moving On Up’ for her walk-on music yesterday. We know for certain that the PPL-PRS licence used by venues specifically excludes keynote speeches at political events – AEPO-ARTIS even tweeted a screen grab of the licence terms to prove it. We don’t know whether Conservative HQ got separate permission, though given Truss apparently picked it from a shortlist of tracks seemingly quite late in the day, I’m guessing probably not. Which would be some good old fashioned copyright infringement. Here’s the summary.

This again!

This again! Actually, when this happened to Friendly Fires last year, I was told that the PPL-PRS blanket licence for recorded music used in venues specifically excludes keynote speeches at political events, so specific permission is required from both the label and the publisher(s). And if the event organiser doesn’t get that permission, I assume that means it’s copyright infringement.

Setlist is five!

So Setlist is approaching its fifth birthday this week – which is to say, it’s five years since the CMU Podcast became Setlist. We celebrate this fact by randomly remembering it at the very last minute during the intro to this week’s edition! Party time! The celebrations then continue with lots of chatter about music rights data, which is really how all celebrations should be conducted. Tune in right about here.